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Salt Glaze
Our salt glaze pots were fired as part of courses we did at   Wobage Farm Workshops   summer 2009.

Denise's work
These pieces were made during a course with Sarah Dunstan on the use of slips and textures to decorate slabs which could then be used to construct each piece

Salt-glaze slipware jug 1   Salt-glaze slipware mug 1    Salt-glaze slipware bowl    Salt-glaze slipware mug 2   Salt-glaze slipware jug 2   


Simon's work
These pots were thrown during a course with Jeremy Steward. They are decorated with one or more of the house slips and as with Denise's work fired in the Wobage gas fired salt kiln

    Salt glazed jug fired at Wobage August 2009 h:280mmSalt glazed flask fired at Wobage August 2009 h:280mm link to Wobage site with image of kiln opening    Salt glazed bowl fired at Wobage August 2009 h:150mm    Salt glazed jug fired at Wobage August 2009 h:290mm